Thursday, June 12, 2008

San Francisco 06/12/08

We will be meeting up with anybody that wants to come and meet us @ DNA Lounge We will be there around 9pm and stay until closing. We picked the DNA Lounge because we understand that, when it all comes down to it, we don’t really conform to the image of this world. However, having looked at some of their pictures, figured the establishment must be fairly liberal in their dress code.

This bar looks as though it may well help expand our horizons, providing opportunities to learn, understand & serve where & as we can.
(They also have internet Kiosks inside the bar!)

We also hope to visit these offices for a few minutes:
Facebook, digg, stumbleupon, twitter, craigslist, mashable, reddit I have told a few offices that we will be coming. We want to stop by and bless the offices with holy water. We usually charge $2000 for a blessing, but we are feeling generous and we will be doing all the offices for free! The main reason for this is that we are in high spirits at the prospect of meeting up with the famous Pam Pam:

picture of golden gate taken from flickr user
picture of the Gorilla & Banana at the DNA taken from flickr user

picture of famous pam pam taken by pam


agenthandy said...

on my birthday!

ty for you twit about meeting up tonight ... would love to but i'm having a bunch of folks over for dinner. ur ttly welcome to come over and join before your party if you like.

i'll d mssg this back to u to.

have a great trip!

We are praying that QIK sponsors us!
. .