Monday, June 23, 2008

(I know this post is out of order. My apologies. The video takes forever to process. I have made a decision, no more videos embedded into the blog posts. Again, sorry for those of you who like order & neatness.)
Day 13. 17th June.

Most of today was spent on the computer. Poor Satch entertained himself by carving wood & doing a photo shoot with one of the characters in his van. He even told me the story. I'll do my best to retell it with integrity.

Once, there was an old man.

He took some time to study & contemplate
And discovered there was more to life.

He found the tower of wisdom

So he used his new found knowledge & invented a way to get to the top

Here we could see lots of cool stuff

So he sat there & had a nice cup of tea,

Whipped out his prayer flags & set up shop.

Then he thought about all that he'd done, concluded it was superficial & meaningless & went back to non commercial contemplation once again.

Poor Satch. He was really bored.

Come evening, he made up for it however, on the way to a bbq

Untitled from paulsanchez on Vimeo.
where we were given a mean feed & lots of business was talked. (I did card tricks while Paul did the work.)

We blessed the crew with the remains of our last batch of holy water

& finally left them in peace at about 10pm. Ross & Jason gave us awesome T-shirts from their clothing brand Arty Crooks, to get us out the door. But I didn’t get the hint until much later.

I almost went AWOL on the mission just to wear my awesome new t-shirt where it could be seen, unshrouded with a poo brown robe, but my integrity wouldn’t allow it. (And I had nowhere to go at 10pm in the burbs of New Port with no phone & no idea where we were staying.)

Satch, who was still patiently hanging about like a true mate, drove us down to San Diego, where he unloaded us, hugged us farewell & danced a gleeful jig in his van, all the way to his brothers house, finally rid of us time consuming, dithering monks.

We woke Aaron at 3am & despite the fact that he had to be up at 7, he kindly got up, let us in & then couldn’t go back to sleep for hours, while we slept soundly on his bedroom floor.

We truly are surrounded by amazing people. Some may suggest we take advantage of them, but to document omelettes, some eggs need to be broken, is it not true? :/ God help us.


We are praying that QIK sponsors us!
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