Friday, June 20, 2008

Day 14. 18th June.

Today was spent inside Aaron’s room, getting frustrated with technology. My video posts weren’t processing, Paul’s video editing wasn’t rendering. It was hot. We were hungry. Paul discovered he’d left his clothes & wallet in LA. Honestly, if one wanted to grow some serial killers in a petrii dish, this would be the dish to brew them in. Yet our saintly selves didn’t so much as spit on one another.

We left our unfinished work, packed up & Aaron, our new saint to abuse, drove us to Divex, where our smiles were genuine & our blessing sincere.

Paul took a moment to relax his tweeked neck nerve in the Divex office after an exhausting blessing,

but after the quick rejuvenation, we moved on to the Stout Ale House, in down town San Diego. Here we met with Ben again & introduced ourselves to Rob & Jenn & they all talked tech while Aaron & I watched the convenient tv screens behind them, catching eyes when necessary & nodding at the appropriate times, pretending we knew what the heck was all being said.
Satch came & met us & the party split.
Personally I don’t believe it was anything to do with Satch’s presence, but was just a timing issue.

Satch took us out & with his organic energy, soon attracted a scalding from the police.

Paul apologised for our behaviour & we went on to Hooters for 'an orange photo' ?!
Just outside, we met Max???? Who gave us all kinds of life wisdoms, & threw in for free, freight train jumping tips. It’s got to be good for us right? Destiny perhaps?

We had been given $7 in San Fran to hand out to a good cause. We passed an old man unpacking on the street for the night as we walked back to the car. We didn't have time to get food, but trusted he’d use the money wisely. We talked for a bit & learned that he’d been caught in a fraud scam in 1998 & had been on the street ever since.

I couldn’t help but wonder at the bitter state my own heart would be in, had I been in the same set of circumstances as he.

Stuffed from all the eye aversion at hooters, we hit the sack not long after.


We are praying that QIK sponsors us!
. .