Saturday, June 7, 2008

Day 1. Redding to Mt Shasta.

We started in Redding, CA Dustene and Deanne helped us with last minute errands. Videos coming soon!

We are in Portland right now. Will be posting videos soon. Hope all is well :)

Day 1.
After an exhausting walk of about 100 yards with our super light packs, perfectly organised with just the bare essentials, each weighing something close to a small pregnant hippo, we set up for our first hitch at one of Redding’s I5 on ramps.

We were eager, expectant & full of faith.
The looks we received were a mixed bag, some withering & threatened to steal our eager expectancy & hope in humanity, but many of amusement & curiosity.
Before too long, our first ride pulled up. A car that was older than both our ages put together, full of bike bits &, of all things, a monk?!
Our first ride was with a monk. If we’d scripted that it would’ve been cheesy.
He took us a few miles down the road, told us of his 14 years in a Buddhist monastery, we blessed one another & he sent us on our way.
Our next ride was not so forth-coming, but after a few hours, the coolest old blue hippie bus rolled around the corner & pulled up beside our flowing robes.
We were taken another two stops down the freeway & here we sat. And waited. For hours. Literally. Had we been more motivated, we may well have created another Great Wall of China… except of course, it would’ve been The Good Wall of Shasta Lake. But we weren’t that motivated & instead sat & kicked dust.

When the sun set & we finally gave up all hope of getting a ride to Mt Shasta, we moved in to the gas station to cook up dinner.
Here, we were given free fruit & asked all kinds of questions from the friendly locals.
Within minutes, Kim came by & told us she would love to take us where ever we wanted to go.
She had seen us on the side of the road, gone home, organised a babysitter & came back to take us the 65 or so miles to our destination. She said she just felt it was right. We were pleased she had listened to her intuition.
Paul was in touch with his feminine side & listening to his too & believed it was right that he give Kim a stone heart he had had for years, waiting for the right person to give it to. It turned out Kim collected stones & the significance was touching. (At least I got a little teary eyed in the back seat. I think they thought it was significant too.)
We had an amazing talk with Kim all the way to Mt Shasta. It was the type of conversation where I think we all learned a lot from one another & all came away really blessed. Kim is an amazing woman, on an incredible spiritual journey.
We set up camp in the woods

& slept like babies – both of us running on just a few hours sleep in the past 3 nights.


DanNirjala Wright said...

Love it! Always wanted to find out more about your "Monks" trip and now I can - nice one fella! Dan W

We are praying that QIK sponsors us!
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