Sunday, June 29, 2008

Day 19. Vegas

Day 19. 23rd June
The most part of today was spent enjoying the comforts provided us & catching up on internet work. I admired the view from time to time also & thought of all those less fortunates, out under the desert sun.
Come 9.30pm however, after a meal of nuts & milk powder, our hunger got the better of us & we went hunting.
We met people along the way – far more people were prepared to talk to us without our backpacks on – and we learned the art of poker & the benefits a misspent youth van provide. However, conversing with good people caused us to miss our free spin on Planet Hollywood's scam to get us in the casino & get all our details for free with the ever elusive offer of 'work free' millions.
The lures of Vegas can corrupt even the strongest monk however...the evidence caught here by the camera.

We walked about the strip again, talking to random people who approached us for one reason or another, then decided we needed to eat before we fell over & were corrupted by close up views of the pornographic cards littering the side walk.
It was here that two world views collided.
For myself, I believe that to be blessed allows you to be a blessing. To have provides opportunity to give. Paul on the other hand believes that people want to give & to accept allows people to be blessed by giving. I guess both views have merit. It was Paul’s view we had to take tonight, as we had nothing but time & a smile to give any more, though to be honest, my pride & lack of enlightenment on this subject left me feeling about as comfortable as a redneck in a gay bar.
We went to Bills Saloon, as they had a 24 hour grill. Paul spoke with the manager, who went on to talk to the ‘Host’, out in the blackjack pit. A small, elderly man, we never saw more than his hunched back.
The manager spoke from three quarters behind him &, without looking up, after a few nods, ‘The Godfather’ lifted two pieces of paper which had the magic words which allowed him to be blessed.
I think Paul felt pretty blessed too.
Once refuelled & energised, we walked the strip some more. We were offered a free limo ride, which strongly appealed to us both. The only catch was that we’d have free entry to a strip bar to be used as promotion at the other end. We declined the offer & are hoping for a limo somewhere else on the trip that doesn’t require demeaning our view of someone’s sister or daughter as payment.
The Carriage House hotel & it’s comfortable beds were so much more inviting than a dumpster & we were greatful when we finally dragged ourselves into bed.
I'm sure we spared a thought or two for the less fortunates out there who weren't in queen & king sized comfort, as we drifted into oblivion.


We are praying that QIK sponsors us!
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