Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Day 10. Santa Cruz. The Green Buzz.

Day 10. 14th June
Just a few short hours after the house quietened down, Ben & Miguel were again laughing & running down their wooden stairs to slide across the slippery dining room floor in their socks, competing to see who could get closest to the wall without touching it. (They had a handy pot of plaster repair on hand for the mis-judged slides.)
With creative energy abounding, a photo shoot quickly ensued,

followed by the boys climbing the tree to throw plums at us as we looked on.

Fortunately for us, the widow we were looking through protected our clothing from stains.
We all headed to the Saturn CafĂ©, where the bathrooms are non gender specific, but rather offer a room for Aliens, or a room for robots. I was told this is so transsexuals don’t get confused about which room to use & sue due to the unnecessary stress caused. My stress levels were briefly heightened, trying to work out where someone who knows they’re a human should relieve themselves.
My friend Satch, who I thought lived in Sacramento, walked in, sat down to breakfast & has now joined us on our tour, at least as far as San Diego.
When we left, Pam was on the scout for good deeds we could do. Paul & I explained to her that, much like dating, it’s when you’re not looking that the best ones come to you. Just minutes later, Satch, Miguel & I met Scotty.
We sat & chatted for over an hour with him as he poured out his heart to us. His ideas on life & love. His belief in God. His philosophies on the world & the principles of living, loving, learning & giving. His belief in the way to treat people. The ache in his heart for his hurting friends. His confusion as to why people treat one another so badly.
Scotty was so gentle & humble, so disarmingly honest, & quite possibly in the top 10 most profoundly intellectual people I’ve met. Yet his self belief had been so shattered & so many lies believed about his value, that he was sitting here beside a dumpster, drinking his life away & wishing for more, whilst contemplating & sometimes wishing for his own death. What Scotty told us he wanted in his heart & what he believed he was worth were separated by a huge, heart breaking chasm.
Satch encouraged him with words of truth & insights from his own life. We cried together, prayed & had to leave with nothing but faith that seeds of hope were sown, lies were uprooted & that Scotty will meet others who will see the incredible gold in the man behind the Dred locked hair & sunburnt face & that they’ll help draw it out of him, turning it into something he can be proud of. Miguel assured him that he would keep an eye out for him. (I'm bleak, but I never got a photo of Scotty)
We went for a walk on the beach, then shot home to shoot a video.
"The Green Buzz vs Vate."

Monks, the inventors of beer & the creators of some of the best beer in the world leave us with the inspiration to invent our own drink whilst wearing the robes.
I know this requires more explanation, but further information will be on youtube soon. All I will say is what we have is quite the creation. I believe will bring many joy filled hours to those who believe, whilst being very forgiving to those who over indulge due to its very drinkable zest.
The infamous Melissa Willard joined us for more bonfire shenanigans & kindly informed me I now look like a rat.

Ben, one of the main promoters for the up coming documentary, “Call & Response” (Not the sock sliding Ben) popped in as well & didn’t mention anything about my rodent like appearance, but instead sang & played the guitar for us. (See upcoming video) I think Melissa should perhaps spend more time with good people such as Ben.
Erica & Sock-Slide-Ben, inspirational role models to all, made productive, wholesome use of their creative energy around the camp fire.


We are praying that QIK sponsors us!
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