Friday, July 11, 2008

Day 28. Limon to Salina

Day 28 2nd

No flash floods washed us away so we were able to get up, as we were still alive.

Paul made us oatmeal on the deck of an abandoned car & we walked out to an all new road for all new people to drive by, smiling, ignoring, waving, scowling or looking shocked.

We tried hitching all day.

Nothing. Well, that’s not fair. We had some pretty good entertainment on the CB. Truck drivers swearing at the sight of us & asking one another what the h*#l was standing on the on ramp. Because we had a CB, we could answer any way we wanted, as either monks, or ‘other baffled truckies.’ We had fun. We’ll throw up a quick clip we took of that up on the site for you to check out.

It was hot.

We were bored.

We put Nate in the stocks to appeal to the truck drivers more gentle side. Still nothing but entertainment & truck drivers shock at something a little different.

No love. I even resorted to roadside prayer.

Finally, just when we were knocking the mid-west & being frustrated with their conservative ways, two pick ups pulled up, one right behind the other & the question that came sailing through the window, propelled by that sing song accent was,

“Tell me, where is Jesus. Is he here now, still coming, or has he already come? If you’re not false prophets, because the bible says that many will be deceived by those who come in my name, you’ll be able to tell me. It’s in John.”

Fortunately, something of what we all knew together was able to convince them we were on the level & in the twinkling of an eye, we were whisked away from the vortex that had threatened to hold us terminably.

This was our longest ride yet. 350 miles, all the way to Salina.

Along the way, in my truck at any rate, we discussed religion, spirituality & what it seems is happening in the church today. Our driver, Doc believed that the bible was the truth & that’s where a man’s anchor is. When there are so many voices in the world, that the bible is the proven, secure thing where truth can be found. That the church as an organisation, is being stripped back. He disagreed with the monetary focus & politics & was of strong conviction that the church was coming into a time of being a church with no walls. Where people who believe will meet in smaller groups, without the restrictions of politics & committees. Where they’ll be able to listen & move with what God’s doing, as opposed to going with pre-set agendas.

Terry talked with Paul & Nate about alternative fuels, despite being employed by an oil company & believed strongly that morality can’t be legislated, but that it needs to be an individual’s decision. It stems from a person’s heart.

He also spoke of how they used to think that it was just the thing to do, to drink 30 beers in a night. They knew no different. But then they met Jesus & ‘got cleaned up’.

They dropped us in Selina, prayed a blessing over us & not long later, we were met by a tall, pretty blond who threatened the monkish integrity of at least one monk on the team. The infamous Anna Lutke.

She was headed to Topeka, Kansas’s capital city, & was prepared to take us with her.

We arrived at her friend Peggy’s palace, where we sat outside & watched fire flies like kids at a theme park, before falling into soft, luxurious beds & sleeping like kings.


We are praying that QIK sponsors us!
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