Friday, July 11, 2008

Day 30. Chicago 4th of July

Day 30 4th July

We had a late waking, but managed to make it down to Millennium Park around noon. Here we met with another top blogger, Liz.

We saw The Bean, a famous
Chicago icon, before sitting back for a lunch beer & people watch.

Liz took us for a walk around the beautiful down town of Chicago.

I think it was tough for Paul, watching his disciple fraternise with a vice deemed so dangerous by much of the church.

He stayed stoic however & we ended up at Cheezborgers.

Here, whilst eating quite possibly one of the tastiest burgers I’ve had yet – and I don’t think it’s just because I was so hungry – I read about a man who truly went the extra mile. There were stories & news paper articles all over the walls of the founder of Cheezborgers, Joey Ramone & his feeding hungry people, whilst still allowing them to maintain their pride, helping businesses & taking his goat to the ball park. A man who lived a simple life, but made it count with the people he met. Quite the inspiration.

From here, with full bellies, we went back above ground to meet up with Paul & Nate’s buddy Daisy. Daisy was almost on Oprah’s The Big Give with Paul. She organised & executed giving people ‘hugs’ when Hurricane Katrina hit.

She is an incredible woman & I’m not sure words can do her justice. Perhaps a look at one of her videos will help paint a better picture.

Daisy gave Anna & I instructions on sights to see, then set us loose in Chicago, taking her boys out on their own.

The rest of today need not be documented perhaps, as we were monks off duty, other than to say Italian dinner was great, the fireworks were spectacular & the atmosphere great.

Chicago certainly is all it’s made out to be & more. My favourite city so far on the trip.

We got to a camp ground & were greeted with a huge sign stating, “welcome Holy Spirit.” I was flattered, but thought it a little over the top.

We camped for free.


We are praying that QIK sponsors us!
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