Sunday, July 13, 2008


Even know Tim did not make it to the finish line he was there in spirt. I went to NYC for a few hours and then took a bus to Boston. We were going to finish in NYC but we got a really cheap bus ticket to NYC and since we only had $60 left to our name we decided to buy the ticket to NYC (an angel at the buffalo greyhound gave us a cheap ticket).

I will be filming a little bit of footage in Boston, but I'm going to take a few days off too. On the 17th I will be heading to NYC to film some more footage for the videos Tim and I have been working on. We will be putting some really fun videos up soon and then we will realese the documentary of the trip. This trip has changed the way I look at America and I can't wait to share it with you all. I'm so glad that I will be able to give the whole film away for free too!

Tim is doing well and we are planning on doing a world trip together. So the monks will be back together soon. Thanks for all your support and for taking the time to check out our blog. By the end of the week we will start posting again. Lots of videos coming :)

Love you guys,


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