Saturday, July 12, 2008

Day 32. Leaving Chicago

Day 32 6th.

The boys sleep late today, but we did make it away before night fall. Just.

We stopped in at Chicago's The Bean,

And the Faces,

then walked the streets of Chicago to see a bit more of the non-touristy areas & see what interesting people were tucked away out there.

Ever met a homeless person who looks you in the face with an open smile & doesn't need anything?

As it happened, we stumbled apon Oprah’s studio,

but sadly, no filming in the month of July,

but people were still around to talk to & help out in their worship.

After much lugging our small heifers about, I got near suicidal. Fortunately, Paul stepped in & prevented any mishaps.

After a bite to eat in Union Station, we found a train to take us out of Chicago, put our thumbs out & caught it 100 miles out of town.

By the time we hit the end of the line it was midnight & we had no energy left, so decided to sleep right there. Only we weren’t allowed to. So we slept next door, at the bus station.

It wasn’t so bad.


We are praying that QIK sponsors us!
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